Antigonish Coalition to End Poverty

Antigonish Community Fridge and Pantries

Opened Saturday, August 13th, the Antigonish Fridge and Food Pantry is a take-what-you-want, give-what-you-can food sharing project to address urgent food insecurity in our Town & County. There are two locations:  the Antigonish Farmers' Market (accessible 24/7) and, the Antigonish Library (open Mon, Fri, Sat 9-5 | Tues, Wed, Thurs 9-9 | Sun 1-4)

Volunteers Needed. If you would like to help this project running smoothly by checking on the items to ensure that all products are labeled, in good condition and to help spread the word, please get in touch!

Thanks to the Antigonish Farmers Market and Antigonish Library for hosting the spaces, and funding the electricity needed for the fridge; to DeCoste Interiors for donating the Market fridge; and to the Department Of Communities, Culture And Heritage for supportive funding in the development phases of this project. Much gratitute is extended to the volunteers who maintain the pantries, and to the individuals and businesses who keep them stocked. Thank you!


About Antigonish Coalition to End Poverty

The Antigonish Coalition to End Poverty (ACEP) - formerly the Antigonish Poverty Reduction Coalition (APRC) - is an alliance of local individuals and groups who are actively working to alleviate the effects of financial distress in Antigonish Town and County while actively engaging in local and regional poverty eradication initiatives and action.

The ACEP, through community conversations with multiple stakeholders, identifies nine key areas of focus:

The Coalition meets monthly. If you or your organization would like to join us, please email us for more information.

Current Issues & Actions

Basic Income


Letter to Prime Minister in Support of Basic Income - 2020

Basic Income Nova Scotia -

The Antigonish Coalition to End Poverty is a partner of Basic Income Nova Scotia. Basic Income Nova Scotia (BIG-NS) is part of the Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) and is a member of Coalition Canada Basic Income - revenu de base and the Basic Income NOW Atlantic Canada coalition. BIG-NS endorses Basic Income NOW Atlantic Canada’s consensus statement.


Principles of a Basic Income

The members of BIG NS believe that no person’s basic survival should depend on the market. We believe that the current patchwork of social assistance programs meant to lift people out of poverty actually do much harm. Current social assistance programs provide financial support that is insufficient, and clawbacks not only disincentivize people from seeking work, but can increase their financial insecurity should they become employed.

We advocate for a Basic Income at a level that provides for the necessities of life, including food, clothing, shelter, and other resources that facilitate social engagement, such as access to travel and means of communication. A Basic Income should do more than just keep a person out of poverty; it should guarantee that person the ability to participate as a full citizen in society, with dignity and security.

A Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) must ensure that the level of benefit will never fall below a certain level. It is premised on the notion that all Canadians have a universal responsibility to create a secure income level for their fellow citizens.

A negative income tax (NIT), or refundable tax credit, that tops up all recipients to 100 percent of a low-income measure, regardless of their status in the labour market, is a model frequently used when discussing implementing a Basic Income Guarantee.

Our banner is a selected portion of a larger silk painting entitled COMMUNITY SPIRITS by renowned local artist Anne Camozzi

Anne's deep involvement in community and spirituality enriches her creative work.  She is especially interested in art as a form of healing. She hopes that her work inspires engagement in imagination, creativity and social justice, while bringing comfort and hope to those who are suffering.